Element Trailers Terms and Conditions

Warranty Terms

Element Trailers covers the original purchaser with a 2-year structural warranty cover, with an addition of all parts having their individual warranty cover. The warranty period commences from the date you pick up your Element Trailer, giving you peace of mind on your travel and adventures. Our Cover includes workmanship and materials against defects. Under this warranty if any part of your Element Trailer is proven to be defective in material or workmanship during the 24 months from date of purchase Element Trailers will, at its sole discretion either: Replace or repair the defective part of your Element Trailer.

The company may require inspection of your trailer, be advised that all travel costs and transportation of your trailer to the Element Trailer site or any other authorised repairer will not be covered, and it is the owner’s responsibility to cover all travel costs to and from the manufacturer or repair centre. For your warranty repairs we work with a range of authorised repair centres around the country for your convenience and contentment. All authorised warranty repair and replacement will be performed free of charge.

Warranty Claim

The owners first point of lodgement when making a warranty claim must be in writing to the specified email elementtrailerdesign@gmail.com. All warranty claims must be provided with

  • Full Name & Number
  • Chassis number
  • Full details including photos & description of the defects

The company will review your claim and take the appropriate steps in relation to having the required work carried out.

The Element Trailer Warranty will become void if it is deemed to be abuse, misuse or careless and negligent action that has led to the alleged fault with your Element Trailer.

What is not covered

Repairs that have been undertaken by unauthorised repairers will not be covered under our warranty: cover will only be approved if authorisation has been provided by Element Trailers. Damage that is caused by alterations, modification or repairs that have been undertaken by an unauthorised repairer or person.

Element Trailers have been designed for recreational use and not for permanent residential purposes. When used for permanent living possible premature wear and tear is not covered under this warranty.

This warranty does not apply to any Element Trailer which has been subjected to misuse, neglect or accident including failing to properly maintain or store your Element Trailer. This warranty does not extend to general maintenance items or user error which are solely the owner’s responsibility in order to follow correct usage of items including routine cleaning of filters such as in air conditioners and water pumps. This also applies to greasing wheel bearings, tightening wheel nuts etc.

Damage to the Element Trailer caused by condensation which has been left untreated is not covered. The deterioration of sealant over time is not covered. To prevent any unwanted failure please check your seals and silicon including around your lights.

The External Decals of your Element Trailer are not covered under this warranty.

This warranty does not apply to any defect in the aesthetics or physical appearance of the Element Trailer, or to normal deterioration of the soft trim and appearance items due to wear and UV exposure nor to impact damage whether static or in transit.

Fabric items such as canvas, mesh, zips, window screenings, vinyl, cushion and mattress covers are not warranted against tears, punctures, shrinkage, softening fading or soiling but are warranted only against defective material. Other items not covered include rust, paint, general wear and tear, travel covers and general consumables such as bearing, light bulbs etc.

Failure and Damage resulting from the following are also not covered by Element Trailers Warranty:

Repairs and additions that are not authorised by the company

Accident, Theft and Fire

Lightning, Hail, stone strike, windstorm, external fire or uncommon environmental conditions

Salt water exposure (that has not been thoroughly cleaned and washed off)

Water damage due to water crossings

After manufacture alterations and modifications to your Element Trailer

Storming of vermin and other pests

Damage or defects caused by unsuitable off-road conditions, excessive speed or impact to your Element Trailer.

Under the warranty policy the company will not reimburse the owner for repairs taken by an unauthorised repairer.

Given the nature of a Element Trailer, the trailer must be delivered during business hours and the owner will bear the cost of transporting the Element Trailer to and from the dealer or agent.

Prompt reporting of problems is essential, do not delay any issues and notify the company immediately. The company will not accept any damage arising from not having faults attended in a timely manner.

It is solely the owner’s responsibility of the regular maintenance and care of their Element Trailer. Regular service is also a part of general maintenance of the trailer. Warranty is only covered for the original purchaser of the Element Trailer; and begins cover from the date of purchase.

Supplied Components

Some of the equipment and fittings supplied with your Element Trailer “components” are not manufactured or imported by Element Trailers.

These components are separately warranted by their individual manufacturer, please note each items warranty length and their terms may vary. Separately warranted items will not be covered by Element Trailers however, Element Trailers will assist you in making a warranty claim if you require any assistance.